Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Making a Fairy Garden Part 2

The plants you choose for your Fairy Garden may inspire you in your choice of fairy garden sets. Curly Chives or Creeping Savory can be used to form a hedge. Herbs work very well in Fairy Gardens.  Plants for your indoor Fairy Garden can include small ferns, like the Asparagus Fern or Maidenhair Fern, English Ivy, Purple Heart, Nerve Plant, and Gold Dust Plant to name a few. The staff at The Holly Berry will help you select plants that will provide various heights and colors to create your Fairy Fanasty. We enjoy giving our Colorado fairies a small Buddhist pine or a touch of Evergreen. And, of course a touch of Holly. Once your plants are placed you can begin adding small pebbles and stones to create pathways and walls. We found our pebbles at the local feed store in Kittredge. The Holly Berry carries tiny bridges and garden sets, and can order other miniature accessories. Craft stores carry doll house miniatures that can also be used in your Fairy Fanasty. Decorate your Fairy Garden to reflect the season and the holiday and indulge in this delightful whimsy!

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  1. I'm such a kid at heart! Your fairy gardens remind me of my childhood, searching in the forest for fairies. I just knew I'd find one to take home to keep me company. With three older brothers I needed a girl pal and my imagination conjured up thoughts of learning to fly and spreading fairy dust with my new friend! My daughter has similar ideas these days and I know she'll love looking at your little gardens.

    I need to stop by one day for a visit, when I'm over in your neck of the woods!!

    You have a lovely blog!