Monday, November 15, 2010

Making a Fairy Garden Part 1

 A Fairy Garden is a garden, or section of a garden, or an indoor potted garden, with miniature houses, furniture, or accessories that create the impression of a tiny world htat fairies might inhabit. Potted Fairy Gardens make delightful and are a fun hobby and project to involve children in.

When making Fairy Gardens, there are a few decisions to make upfront. You need to decide whether you are going to have your garden outdoors or indoors.  Outdoor gardens provide more room for your fairy world to expand, but may limit the accessories you can use, as some may be damaged by weather, and trampled by Elk and Deer. indoor gardens are easier to maintain, but are limited as far as the space they can take up.  Another issue you'll want to think about ahead of time is how much you want to leave to the imagination. You can choose to put actual miniature fairy statues in your garden or simply use furniture and ornaments (and hope real fairies come to stay)

If you are doing an outdoor Fairy Garden  create alongside plants that are smaller in scale, with fine detail. If you have an herb garden this would make a perfect place for the Fairy Garden. If you are doing an indoor Fairy Garden choose a container.  Window runners or large terra cotta pots work well.  Alternatively, you can use a series of small pots in a row on a sill or counter top.  This is fun because you can easily rearrange the garden or an an extra pot to expand your fairy's world. Once you have your contain, you need to decide upon what plants create the garden. We will go into types of plants tomorrow.

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