Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Add a Touch of Style to Your Serving Table

It has always been popular to use a buffet table or serving table for Holiday Parties. It is more informal and allows the guests to mingle in comfort. You want your buffet table to make a statement and to be visually pleasing as well as functional. The centerpiece will set the theme and add a more pulled together look. Who knows better than Martha Stewart, so we have borrowed some tips from her for the holiday buffet table.

 1. Choose dishes that can be cooked ahead and warmed for serving, or dishes that can be assembled at the last minute.

2. Position the buffet table away from the wall, so that guests have access from all sides.

3. A few days before Thanksgiving, take out serving pieces and utensils for each dish. Map out what will go where, to be sure that it all fits neatly on the table.

4. Mix and match coordination dishes and serving plates.

5. Protect your linens by placing empty saucers around the table so guests can rest serving utensils on them and not on the tablecloth.

6. Lay out food in a logical order: entrees before side dishes.

7. Save space for food by displaying low arrangements

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