Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunshine in a Vase

Sunny Skies in Evergreen CO, The Holly BerryThe botanical name for the Sunflower is Helianthus, helios means sun and anthos means flower. The French refer to Sunflowers as Turniso, which means turn with the sun. These vibrant flowers follow the sun, they turn from east to west. The center of the Sunflower is actually numerous small flowers, called florets, crowded together. There is evidence that the Sunflower was domesticated in Mexico by at least 2600 B.C. and in the area now called Tennessee around 2300 B.C. The Europeans brought images of the Sunflower made of gold from Peru to Spain in the early 16th Century. Sunflowers were an important part of many indigenous American people's religions. It was the symbol of their solar deity.
Sunflowers are Sunshine in a Vase. To order online visit our website

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ribbons and Wrappings

At The Holly Berry we love creating bouquets for our clients, these are usually special gifts to a loved one or to one's self. We hand pick each bloom that goes into the bouquet. Then we wrap it in tissue paper that compliments the arrangement and choose just the right ribbon. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Autumn Wreaths

The ancient Greeks and Romans may have been the first to fashion flowers and vines into elaborate wreaths and garlands. The best wreath designers were commissioned by the wealthy and the wreaths were given as gifts and awards. Wreaths continue to be given as gifts, especially as welcome gifts for new home owners, and as a hostess gift.
As the vibrant colors of autumn fade, the wreath is a welcoming and warming addition to a front door. Wreaths can be designed to compliment and enhance your interior decor. This is a simple way to transition your home from season to season. We will work with you or your interior designer to produce a custom wreath using your color palette.  303-674-4821

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lipstick Plant

We are all familiar with ivy, ferns, philodendrons, cactus, etc. The Lipstick Plant is less common. It is from the damp forests of the West Indies and the Rain Forests of South America. It is related to African Violets and Cape Primroses. The tube shaped bright flowers (that come in a variety of reds) resemble a tube of lipstick. The blooms hang down and will continue off and on through the year. This stunning plant does best in hanging baskets. The staff at The Holly Berry will instruct you on the best care of the Lipstick Plant to insure that it provides you with years of beautiful blooms.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens are a throw back to the Victorian Era and has had a resurgence in popularity. A Fairy Garden is a table top garden complete with a little fairy. The Holly Berry has several on display or we can create your very own personal Fairy Garden. There are a variety of shapes and colors of containers, tiny wrought iron benches and chairs, flagstone pebbles, tiny potted plants and fences. The staff at the Holly Berry will help you select miniature plants to surround your Fairy Fantasy. We will be hosting classes in creating A Fairy Garden. The classes are perfect for a mother and daughter activity for preteens and teens.
Fairies are universally present in folklore. They are a small, supernatural creature that dwells in a magical and enchanted place among the plants and flowers. We have many colorful Fairy Characters to choose from. They can be viewed on our website or stop into the shop in the Heart of Evergreen, 28165 Highway 74. 303-674-4821

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Special Gifts

The Holly Berry has a selection of beautiful colored and clear glass vases and votive holders in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices.The colored glass is a charming addition to any table or window sill. We suggest adding a floral arrangement or just a couple of flowers to complete this gift.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Meaning of Roses

Roses are the most beloved flower. Their popularity was heightened during the Victorian Era.  Each rose color symbolized different aspects of "courting". A young man could express his intentions with a rose. An orange rose represented fascination and a lavender rose represented enchantment or love at first sight. Yellow roses represented friendship or the promise of new beginnings and pink roses represented sweet thoughts. The white rose was the bride's rose. And the red rose was scandalous symbolizing passion. Today roses are thought of as a gift given in thoughtfulness and affection, and represents a special occasion.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday Reminder - Floral Happy Hour!

Monday and Friday The Holly Berry has half priced fresh flowers wrapped in paper from 2-5. Celebrate "Thank God Its Friday" with a bouquet to grace your table. You deserve it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Homecoming Special

Although alumni have been invited to the annual Harvard - Yale game since the 1870's, Baylor, Illinois, and Missouri all claim to have had the first "Coming Home" events in the early 1900's. The NCAA, Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit sanctions the University of Missouri as the originator of Homecoming in 1911 with the University of Missouri vs. the University of Kansas game. Homecoming has always centered around a football game and included rallies and a dance. For the young women Homecoming is about the dance, the date, the dress and the corsage. There are beautiful photos of corsages in the albums on our Fanpage.
The Holly Berry is offering a free boutonniere with the purchase of a corsage.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Treat Yourself to Flowers

The Holly Berry is located in the heart of downtown Evergreen at 28165 Highway 74, next to Evergreen National Bank.  Stop in to see the latest arrangements, fresh blooms, gifts and more. Or, ask our floral designers to create a beautiful, custom bouquet! Treat yourself to flowers!