Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Tossing Bouquet

See full size image The bridal bouquet is a very important part of wedding traditions and is the main accessory of the bridal gown. The tradition of tossing the bouquet originated in 14th century England. It was believed that a piece of the bride's clothing and flowers would bring good luck. Guests would tear away pieces of the bride's dress. Brides would toss their bouquets into the crowd of guests to prevent them from tearing the gown. This quickly developed into a tradition involving the single ladies. It was thought that catching the bridal bouquet would bring good fortune and a forthcoming wedding.
Today's brides design a smaller bouquet, called the tossing bouquet, for this purpose. This allows them to continue with the bouquet tossing tradition while preserving their bridal bouquet as a treasured keepsake.

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