Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Calla Lily - Pig Lily - Dragon Lily

  A calla lily is not a true lily or even a calla. It is grown from rhizones (genus Zantedeschia). It is also known as the arum lily, pig lily, water dragon and trumpet lily. The calla lily is native to South Africa and despite its delicate appearance is a hardy plant easily grown in any humid climate. It blooms in the late spring and is an excellent house plant. The calla lily is popular for weddings and is often used in bouquets with roses. The most common color is white but the calla lily can also be yellow, red, burgundy, pink, orange, and a purple/black combination. It is a stunning and elegant flower.  The calla lily represented purity and marriage decades before the Victorian Language of  Flowers. It is also a symbol of resurrection and rebirth and often used in funeral arrangements.

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