Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Than Just A Holiday

I was thinking today about what makes Christmas time so special.  Is it the presents, the decorations, the hot cocoa, the tasty treats, or the Christmas carols?
No...I have decided that none of those things are what makes this time of year so special.  I think there are two very important things that make this holiday season so magical.

The opportunity to believe in something and the hope of new things to come

This time of year encourages us all to believe in the good in people, in a real life fairy tale, our family and friends, the power of words, memories, and true joy.  This time of year allows us to believe in our own ability to make a child smile, to show a friend know how much they are loved, and show our family how much we cherish them.

This time of year helps us hope for the new year and what it might bring, what it might mean, and the possibility of a new or better beginning.  This time of years shows us where we have come from and where we can go.  It shows us that we have accomplished something and are strong enough to make through the hard times and that the good times keep us going.

This time of year is a magical, enchanted time of year because of something much deeper than gifts and Christmas trees.  This time of year is sprinkled with fairy dust because we take time for gifts and Christmas trees because we believe in the delight of the season and in the hope of the year to come!

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